Mar 13, 2024

How to Create and Manage Email Header Templates in Limo Anywhere

Limo Anywhere’s email header templates enable you to customize the content that appears at the top of various types of emails sent to customers. This guide explains the purpose of each email header section and how to utilize dynamic content to create more personalized messages.

Understanding Email Header Sections

Online Reservations “Accepted” Message

Purpose: This header is used for emails confirming that an online reservation has been accepted.
Use: Include a thank you message and what the customer should expect next.

Online Reservations “Rejected” Message

Purpose: This header appears in emails sent to inform a customer that an online reservation has been rejected.
Use: Explain why the reservation was rejected and provide alternatives or next steps for the customer.

New Confirmation Message

Purpose: Used when sending a new booking confirmation to a customer.
Use: Confirm the booking details, provide contact information for queries, and express appreciation for the booking.

Change Confirmation Message

Purpose: For emails that confirm changes made to an existing reservation.
Use: Offer assistance for further modifications.

Payment Receipt Message

Purpose: This header is for payment receipt emails
Use: A word of thanks is appropriate here.

Rate Lookup Disclaimer

Purpose: Attached to emails that provide rate information, this disclaimer can address the variability of rates or specific conditions.
Use: A brief statement on the conditions that may affect the provided rates, ensuring transparency and managing customer expectations.

Utilizing Dynamic Content with Tags

Limo Anywhere allows the use of dynamic content in your email headers, making your messages more personalized and informative. By using special tags, you can automatically include details like your company’s phone number, email address, and more. To learn more, please read Utilizing Dynamic Content and Tags in Limo Anywhere Email Communications.


Ensure text is placed between the opening and closing tags to avoid system errors. Incorrect usage can lead to message delivery failures.


Customizing email header templates in Limo Anywhere with dynamic content and specific sections for different types of communications enhances the professionalism and effectiveness of your interactions with customers. By following these guidelines, you can ensure your messages are both personalized and informative.