Mar 13, 2024

Utilizing Dynamic Content and Tags in Limo Anywhere Email Communications

In Limo Anywhere, leveraging dynamic content and tags within your email communications can significantly enhance the personalization and relevance of the messages you send to customers. This guide provides an overview of how to use these dynamic tags and the benefits they bring to your email templates. Dynamic tags allow you to insert specific pieces of information automatically into your emails, such as the recipient’s name, your company’s contact details, or reservation specifics. This functionality ensures that your communications are both personalized and accurate, improving the overall customer experience.

Accessing Tag Information

To find and use dynamic tags in Limo Anywhere:

  1. Navigate to the email template editing section within Messaging & Template Settings.
  2. Look for the link marked (Values between "#" signs Help.) – clicking this will display a list of available tags you can use.

Key Dynamic Tags and Their Uses

Company & Contact Information Tags

  • #PHONE#: Automatically inserts your main phone number.
  • #EMAIL#: Places your general email address.
  • #COMPANY#: Adds your company name.
  • #COMP_URL#: Inserts your company’s website URL.

These tags are invaluable for ensuring your contact information is always up-to-date in your communications, without needing to manually update each template.

Text Formatting Tags

  • #NEW_LINE#: Creates a line break, useful for spacing out information.
  • #NEW_PARAGRAPH#: Starts a new paragraph, helping to organize content more clearly.

Using HTML Tags for Additional Formatting

HTML tags can be used alongside dynamic content tags to further customize the appearance of your emails. For example:

  • <b></b>: Bold text.
  • <i></i>: Italic text.
  • <u></u>: Underlined text.
  • <font color=red></font>: Change text color (allowed colors include red, green, blue, yellow, gray, white).

Best Practices for Using Dynamic Tags

  • Personalization: Use tags like #PHONE# and #EMAIL# to ensure your contact information is always accurate and accessible.
  • Formatting: Apply text formatting tags and HTML to make your emails more readable and engaging.
  • Testing: Always test your email templates after inserting tags to ensure they render correctly and the dynamic content appears as expected.


Dynamic content and tags in Limo Anywhere offer a powerful way to personalize your email communications, ensuring your messages are both relevant and professional. By following this guide, you can improve the efficiency of your email setup and enhance the customer experience with minimal effort.