Oct 25, 2018

Utilizing Real-Time Updates From LA Net

Real-Time Updates through LA Net

Affiliates can now send real-time updates to each other through LA Net. If you opt in, the following information will be exchanged: status updates, driver GPS location, driver first and last name, driver picture, vehicle type/model, vehicle license plate, and final billing charges.

You can turn Real-Time Updates under Network>LA Net>My Company Profile.This setting is completely optional.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If making major changes to reservation such as Pick-Up Date and Time, trip was Cancelled, Routing Changes, etc., please make sure you reach out to your Affiliate and confirm these changes.

Status Updates

If you opt-in, you and your affiliate can send and receive statuses. So for example, when the affiliate you farm-out to changes the status of the trip to “On The Way” on their end, you will that status change on your end.

Also, for example, if you change the trip status to “Cancelled” on your end, the affiliate you farmed that trip out to will see that Cancellation on their end.

Driver Info and GPS Location

If you opt-in, you will receive your affiliate’s assigned Driver Info and see that info on the Reservation. Note: This info will be coming fom the affiliate and will only appear once the Driver has been assigned.

Helpful Tip: You can also create a Scheduled Email or SMS with the appropriate tags in the template to send this info to your passenger.

You will also be able to see the affiliate’s Driver’s GPS location during the trip if they are using Driver Anywhere. You can see their location on Dispatch GPS tab:

You will see their vehicle and location and on the right hand side it will show LANet plus the Conf # under the Driver Name column.

Final Billing Charges

If you opt-in, the affiliate you farmed a trip out to can add-in charges to the Farm-Out Cost such as Tolls, Parking, etc. and you will be able to see these charges on the Reservation after they have Settled the trip. You will see these on the Reservation under Farm-out Costs tab. You will see the Original Cost which is what you sent over and Updated Cost which is the final charges:


You will not be able to Settle the trip until the Affiliate you Farmed-out to settles the trip on their end or until 24 hours after the PU time. You will see this warning in the Settle window:


Important Note: You will only be able to send or receive Real-Time Updates if both you and the affiliate you Farmed-out to have opt-in. If either one of you have opted out then neither of you will send or receive updates. Also will only send/receive Real-Time Updates on trips created after you and your Affiliate opt-in.