Mar 13, 2024

Using Document Mapping to set Custom Forms as Default Forms in Limo Anywhere

Document Mapping in Limo Anywhere is a crucial feature that allows you to assign specific documents for various types of communications. Customizing document mapping ensures that your communications are consistent, professional, and aligned with your business operations. Limo Anywhere provides a range of document types that can be customized to suit your needs. This guide delves into each option available for document mapping, explaining their purpose and use to help you make informed decisions when customizing these settings.

Document Mapping Options

Below are the document mapping options available in Limo Anywhere, along with their purposes and uses:

Enable or Disable Document Mapping

Set the option Use Custom Document Mapping to Yes to enable custom document mapping or No to disable custom document mapping.

Default Standard Confirmation

  • Purpose: Serves as the primary confirmation document sent to clients upon booking.
  • Use: Customize this to replace the email that contains the booking information sent to customers when a reservation is booked.

Default Cancellation Confirmation

  • Purpose: Confirms the cancellation of a reservation to the client.
  • Use: Should provide confirmation of the cancellation, any cancellation fees applied, and contact information for customer service.

Default Reservation Receipt

  • Purpose: Receipt of payments made on a reservation
  • Use: Use this document to confirm show full payment record of a reservation

Default Payment Receipt

  • Purpose: Provides proof of payment to the client.
  • Use: Customize to include payment details, method of payment, and any relevant booking information related to the payment.

Default Customer Trip Sheet

  • Purpose: Offers detailed information about the trip for the customer.
  • Use: Can include the itinerary, driver details, and vehicle information.

Default Driver Trip Sheet

  • Purpose: Provides the driver with all necessary details for the trip.
  • Use: Customize to include pickup and drop-off locations, customer preferences, and any special instructions.

Default Greeting Sign

  • Purpose: Used by drivers for meeting clients at pickup locations.
  • Use: Customize with your company logo, client name, and any specific meeting instructions.

Default Affiliate Trip Sheet

  • Purpose: Shared with affiliate companies/drivers detailing the trip they are covering.
  • Use: Should include comprehensive trip details, client information, and payment terms.

Default Invoice

  • Purpose: Bills the client for services rendered.
  • Use: Customize with detailed charges, payment instructions, and terms & conditions.

Default Reservation Payment Request (Authorize & Capture)

  • Purpose: Requests payment authorization and immediate capture for a reservation.
  • Use: Customize to include specific payment details and instructions for the client.

Default Reservation Payment Request (Authorize)

  • Purpose: Requests authorization for a future payment for a reservation.
  • Use: Useful for pre authorizations without immediately capturing payment.

Default Invoice Payment Request (Authorize)

  • Purpose: Requests authorization for a future payment for an invoice.
  • Use: Customize with invoice details and any additional instructions for payment processing.

Default Invoice Payment Request (Authorize & Capture)

  • Purpose: Used for requesting and processing payment for an invoice.
  • Use: Customize with invoice details, and any additional instructions for payment processing.

Saving Changes

Make sure to click the Update My Email Templates button to save your changes.

Best Practices

  • Clarity and Conciseness: Ensure all documents are clear, concise, and contain all necessary information without overwhelming the client.
  • Branding Consistency: Maintain consistent branding across all documents to reinforce your company’s identity.
  • Regular Updates: Periodically review and update your document mappings to reflect any changes in services, policies, or branding.


By carefully customizing each document type in Limo Anywhere’s Document Mapping settings, you can enhance communication with your clients and streamline your operations. Selecting the right documents for each scenario ensures that your clients receive timely, relevant, and professional information throughout their experience with your se