Mar 13, 2024

Setting up Email and SMS Notifications in Limo Anywhere

Effective communication with clients and staff is needed for the smooth operation of your limousine service. Limo Anywhere’s notification system allows you to set up email and SMS notifications for various events, such as new account creation, reservation changes, and quote requests. This guide will show you how to configure these notifications to keep all parties informed in real-time.

Configuring Email Notifications for New Accounts and Reservations

  1. Log into your Limo Anywhere account.
  2. Go to My Office > Company Settings > Messaging & Template Settings.
  3. Select the Notifications tab.

New Accounts Created by Customers

Enter the email address that should receive notifications whenever a new account is created by a customer online.

New Online Reservations, Modifications, and Cancellations

Specify whether the primary contact should receive notifications for new online reservations, changes, and cancellations. Set this option to Yes to enable.

Enabling SMS Notifications and Setting Up Contacts

Configuring SMS for Primary Contact

  1. Within the Notifications tab, find the section for notifying the primary contact via SMS.
  2. Enter the cellular number and select the wireless provider for the primary contact.
  3. Set the notification options to Yes for receiving SMS alerts for new reservations, modifications, cancellations, and quote requests.

Setting Up an Alternate Contact for Notifications

Repeat the steps for setting up the primary contact, but this time for an alternate contact who should also receive notifications.

Best Practices

Regular Review: Periodically review your notification settings to ensure they are still aligned with your business processes and customer communication strategy.
Test: Regularly test the notification system to ensure messages are being sent and received as expected. This includes checking both email and SMS delivery.


  • Notifications Email addresses set up in this section will receive notifications in addition to the email addresses set up in contact info.
  • It is important to select the correct cellular provider for text notifications.


Properly set up notification emails and SMS messages in Limo Anywhere can significantly improve the communication flow within your limousine service. By keeping yourself and staff informed of new bookings, changes, and other important events, you enhance the overall experience and operational efficiency of your service.