Sep 30, 2021

Release Notes: September 30, 2021


  • Updated our Stripe integration to make the CVV/CVC field optional in Limo Anywhere
  • Updated the Stripe Payment Request Screen to be mobile responsive


  • Updated the Passenger/Luggage/Child Seat text in PWA on the Vehicle Selection screen to match the set theme color
  • Updated the ‘Confirm Your Route’ button text to match the style of the other buttons in PWA
  • Updated the text entry to capitalize all letters for Airline Flight Info in PWA


Bug Fixes

  • Resolved issue where user was unable to Void, Credit, etc. a transaction made on the previous Stripe integration using the “No Gateway” option
  • Resolved issue with Stripe form fields not displaying correctly on Firefox browser
  • Resolved some issues with duplicate customer errors on Stripe integration
  • Resolved some date formatting issues on the Flight Info screen in PWA
  • Resolved some issues with modifying Airport Dropoff rides in PWA