May 23, 2018

Release Notes: May 23, 2018

New Implementations

  • Introduced GDPR pop-up messages that inform ORES users why their data is being collected
  • ORES users must comply with privacy policy before booking their reservations
  • ORES users can now specify a luggage count on step 1 of booking



  • Aging Reports now display trips when Payment Terms is Due Upon Receipt

ORES 4.5:

  • Default number of hours for hourly trips is now 1 instead of 3
  • Icons for Vehicle Description and Price breakdown are more visible
  • Changed the error message pop-up when ORES could not find the booker’s location to a more translatable message
  • Optimized get current location logic
  • Added the capability for the booker to enter flight info on a return trip
  • Fixed ORES sizing issues that caused the screen to be cut off on certain devices
  • Added flight info fields to airport drop-offs
  • Added the ability to turn off handicap access
  • Users must now confirm when they do not have flight info
  • Improved the wording in the text label above the final “Book Now” button
  • Updated the label above the flight info text boxes to say “Recommended” instead of “Optional”
  • Extended the length of the allowed privacy policy
  • Made several optimizations to the User Interface and user input

Bug Fixes


  • Resolved issue where Promo Codes were not working unless Service Types were selected

DA Net:

  • Resolved the issue causing an error message to display every time a Limo Anywhere operator tried to create a DA Net Account

ORES 4.5:

  • Resolved the date format error with the ORES widget
  • Resolved the issue where users couldn’t select vehicle type on 2nd step of booking process
  • Resolved the issue where the flight info fields disappeared when the booker edited the pick-up location
  • Resolved the issue where the Promo Code was deactivating when the booker made a change to the reservation before completing it
  • Disabled rate lookup when booker edits or removes a Promo Code
  • Removed the error that displayed when a booker took 15 or more minutes to book a trip
  • Resolved the issue where the rate breakdown was not displaying on step 3 of booking
  • Corrected display issues with billing address information on step 3 of booking
  • Resolved issue where price breakdown did not consistently display rates to the hundredths