Mar 03, 2022

Release Notes: March 3rd, 2022


  • Added a Stripe message if a user was trying to Request Payment for amounts that converted currency to less than .50 cents or if a currency was not supported by Stripe

On Stripe, you can Request Payments for your clients. In some cases, these payments may be in a different currency than your own company’s currency. Now we will display a message if the currency on the Payment Request converts to less than .50 cents or if the currency is not supported by Stripe.


Check out our article How-to Use the Request Payment Feature for Stripe to learn more about Payment Requests with Stripe.

  • Security Enhancements


Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue where cancel/reject email notifications and pop-ups were not showing for farmed-out Partner reservations in some cases

In our release on Feb 17th, 2022, we released functionality where you can farm-out the reservations you receive via the Partner Network. We resolved an issue where operators were not being notified with an email notification and/or a pop-up if their affiliate cancelled or rejected the reservation.