Jul 29, 2021

Release Notes: July 29, 2021


  • Added Edit/Modify Reservation feature to PWA

We have added a new feature to PWA that will allow your clients to Edit/Modify the reservations they have booked. This will need to sign into their account and makes the modifications under Rides in Menu.

They will be allowed to modify reservations within the time frame you have set under ORES & Mobile Rules.

  • Added Status and Error Messages to Email/Fax Logs to show if an email sent out from Limo Anywhere was Queued, Sent, or Failed

We have updated the Email/Fax logs in Limo Anywhere to show if an email sent out from Limo Anywhere was Queued, Sent, or Failed. We will display an error message in the Email/Fax log if the email failed to send out from Limo Anywhere.

Note: The Failed status and corresponding error message only displays if we are unable to send out from Limo Anywhere to our 3rd Party Email Sender. This will not show email if our 3rd Party Email Sender was unable to deliver the email to the recipient.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved some issues with Global Search

There were some issues with some users experiencing slowness and error when using Global Search in Limo Anywhere. We have made some improvements to the Global Search which may help with performance.

Global Search will now only search reservations/quotes with a PU Date or were booked in the current year or prior year. Any reservations that need to be found outside of this timeframe can be found by utilizing Reports or the Reservation/Quote section.