Dec 06, 2019

Release Notes: July 24, 2019


  • Added capability to search for Rides on ORES Account Dashboard Rides screen

  • Changed the default for “Driver Should Arrive” setting on a reservation to display “When your flight arrives”

  • Email settings on an Affiliate are now editable to designate which forms an email address can receive and/or to exclude an email address from automated emails

  • Added capability for Billing or Booking Contacts to search for passengers on Step 3

  • Improved logic to re-verify flight when only PU time is updated on reservation


Bug Fixes

  • Resolved issue where “Driver Should Arrive” selection was not saving on a reservation after trip was Farmed-out

  • Resolved issue where Discounts were not displayed correctly on forms or reports

  • Resolved issue in Reporting & Analytics where Mileage In and Mileage Out were swapped