Jan 25, 2023

Release Notes: January 25th, 2023

This week we have added several improvements and bug fixes to Limo Anywhere Mobile on iOS and Android to further help you manage your reservations on the go!


Every week we are working on releasing improvements and bug fixes across Limo Anywhere and our products to help your business succeed. Please see below for further information on our release this week, and stay tuned each week to see what else we are bringing to help you and your business.



  • Added a Tips Overlay to Limo Anywhere Mobile


We have added a Tips Overlay to Limo Anywhere Mobile to let you know what features and functionalities are available in Limo Anywhere Mobile and the Job Cards.

This overlay will pop-up the first time you log into Limo Anywhere Mobile and you can always access by tapping the light bulb at the top of the Reservations screen.


  • Added Reservation Status Colors to Reservation Job Cards in Limo Anywhere Mobile


We have added Reservation Status Colors to Reservation Job Cards in Limo Anywhere Mobile so you can quickly see the status of a Reservation based on the status colors you are using in Limo Anywhere.

The status color will display on the left side of the job card. The color of the status can be edited under My Office>System Settings>System Mapping by hovering over the status and clicking the pencil to edit.



Bug Fixes


  • Resolved an issue where Address Verification was not working correctly for the Company Information screen in some cases
  • Resolved an issue where the multiselect drop down lists on an Affiliate’s profile were not working correctly
  • Resolved an issue where some of the Reservation Rate Line Items were missing when a reservation was created
  • Resolved an issue where Distance was unable to calculate when the Reservation was opened from the Dispatch or Calendar screens
  • Resolved an issue with opening a Reservation in Limo Anywhere Mobile when an operator did not have a payment gateway or a default payment gateway (Android)
  • Resolved an issue where a Passenger’s Name was not showing in full on DriverAnywhere Greeting Sign (iOS)
  • Resolved an issue where the Header tabs in Limo Anywhere Mobile’s Reservation screen were not taking users to the respective section when tapped (Android)