Apr 11, 2018

Release Notes: April 11, 2018

New Features:

  • Added “Service Type” to filters in the Scheduled Messaging Module. This filter allows scheduled messages to be sent based on a reservation’s selected service type.
  • Added SMS blackout time to Scheduled SMS. Blackout times will prevent Scheduled SMS from sending out within the specified time frame. NOTE: If the message is scheduled to be sent during the blackout time, it will not send automatically send when the blackout time elapses. (In a future update, we will add the ability to send any messages triggered during this period at the end of the blackout time, rather than not at all.)


  • Added new tags for Custom Forms, Scheduled Messages, and Scheduled Emails
  • System Mapping drop down list can now exceed 20 Service Types.
  • Added P/O client Reference as a column on the “Create Invoices” screen in the Receivables section.
  • Added UZS currency for Uzbekistan.
  • Added JOD currency for Jordan.