Oct 26, 2018

My Merchant Services Provider Requires My Website To Be PCI Compliant, Is It?

My Merchant Services Provider Says My Website Needs to be PCI Compliant Before They Will Approve My Account. Is it?

A Merchant Services provider will require the method in which you are gathering/storing customer data be secure. Typically there is some confusion here because the only portion of your site that needs to be secure is the portion where the payment data is entered. This would be on the final step of the Online Reservation System.

The Online Reservation System pages are actually hosted on our servers, so we are already protecting them with the same SSL encryption as we use on the Administration system. You just need to provide your provider with the link to your Online Reservation System and they will be able to see that it is secure.

Limo Anywhere is PCI-DSS Certified as of November 2014.