May 28, 2024

May 28th, 2024 Release Notes

With this latest release, we are enhancing the functionality and reliability of our Online Reservation System (ORES). Key updates include improvements to ensure seamless operation across various web browsers and enhanced error handling for a smoother user experience. Key features include:


Seamless Adaptation to Browser Changes: To address recent changes in browser policies blocking third-party cookies, ORES now stores authentication data in local storage. This ensures uninterrupted booking experiences and smooth website integration.

Bug Fixes

Improved Error Handling: Resolved an issue where entering invalid credit card information resulted in a spinning wheel. Users will now see a clear error message if card details are incorrect: “400 (Bad Request): Error Code – 1101. Invalid Card Info. Please try re-entering.”

These updates reflect our dedication to continuously improving Limo Anywhere for our valued customers. Your feedback is crucial in guiding our development efforts, and we appreciate your ongoing support. Thank you for choosing Limo Anywhere.