Feb 01, 2024

Google Analytics 4 Integration with ORES


Integrating Google Analytics 4 (GA4) with Limo Anywhere’s Online Reservation System (ORES) is a strategic move for businesses aiming to enhance their digital advertising and customer insight capabilities. This guide focuses on setting up the integration effectively.

Integrating GA4 with ORES

Locate Your GA4 Measurement ID:

If you have already set up a GA4 account for your website, locate your GA4 Measurement ID. This ID is crucial for integration.

Configuring GA4 in Limo Anywhere ORES:

  • Log into your Limo Anywhere account.
  • Go to My Office → Company Settings → Online Reservations → ORES & Mobile → Analytics
  • In the Analytics section, input your GA4 Measurement ID.
  • Save your settings. This action links your ORES with GA4, enabling the tracking of customer reservations.

Automated ‘Purchase’ Event Tracking

How It Works: After integration, each time a customer completes a reservation through ORES, GA4 records this as a ‘purchase’ event.

Why It’s Important: This tracking provides critical data on the number of reservations made. Importantly, with each ‘purchase’ event, we send the reservation’s confirmation number and the cost of the trip. This detailed information is invaluable for linking reservations with Google Ads campaigns, optimizing your digital advertising efforts.

Avoiding Duplicate ‘Purchase’ Events

If you have previously set up conversion tracking in Google Tag Manager (GTM), it’s essential not to use the GA4 integration for the same purpose. Doing so may result in recording multiple ‘purchase’ events for a single reservation, leading to inaccurate data.

Google Ads and Google Analytics: Complementary Tools

Indirect Integration: ORES integrates with Google Analytics, but not directly with Google Ads. However, users can leverage the connection between Google Analytics and Google Ads for enriched marketing data. Linking these accounts provides valuable information on how advertising efforts influence customer behavior and reservation conversions in ORES. Users interested in linking their Google Ads and Google Analytics accounts should note that this process is managed within the Google platform. For specific instructions on linking these accounts, users are advised to consult the official resources provided by Google.

Additional Resources

Google Ads Help Center: For detailed information on how to link your Google Ads account to Google Analytics, visit the Google Ads Help Center. This resource provides comprehensive guidance and best practices for managing and optimizing your digital advertising efforts.


Integrating GA4 with Limo Anywhere’s ORES is not just about tracking reservations; it’s about gaining insightful data to power your digital advertising strategies and understand customer preferences better. By ensuring accurate tracking and linking this data with Google Ads, you can make more informed decisions to enhance your marketing efforts and improve customer service.

For additional assistance with setting up GA4, cross-domain tracking, or understanding the integration’s benefits for your digital advertising, consult the Google Analytics Help Center.