Jan 04, 2024

January 4th, 2024 – Release Notes

Enhanced Security Settings for Card Addition in LA Pay

To give you more control and align with your risk tolerance, we’ve updated the security settings for adding new credit cards in LA Pay.

Customizable Verification Settings:

  • Located at: My Office –> Company Settings –> Payment Gateway –> Security Settings.
  • You can now set your preferences for verifying a combination of security code and address details. This ensures that when a new card is provided, it must meet your specified requirements to be successfully added or processed.

Address Verification Settings

  • Require Street Address Verification (Address Line 1): This setting checks the street/building number part of the address. When enabled, Address Line 1 becomes a required field for card addition.
  • Require Zip Code Verification: Ensures the Zip Code matches the card’s registered address.
  • Allow Transactions without AVS Support: Even if the issuer doesn’t support address verification, the card can still be added, accommodating cases where cards lack AVS capability.

Card Code Verification Settings

  • Require Card Code Verification: Prevents card addition if the 3-4 digit CVV is incorrect.
  • Allow Transactions without CVV Support: This option permits adding cards that do not have CVV verification, enhancing flexibility.

Expanded Error Messaging for Payment Terminals

Payment terminals have been upgraded to provide detailed error messages, especially for 1020 errors. This feature allows you to understand immediately why a transaction was declined, such as due to a mismatch in address or CVV, directly in the terminal.

Uniform Application of New AVS/CVV & Address Rules

We’ve applied these new AVS/CVV & Address rules across all platforms, including LA Core, PWA, ORES, Payment Request, and the Quote Conversion Screen, ensuring consistency in security checks.

Settings Overview:

  • PWA, ORES, Payment Request:
    • With ‘Require Street Address’ enabled, the extent of billing details required varies based on your settings.
  • LA Web:
    • Billing information requirements are dependent on your ‘Street Address Check’ settings.
  • DriverAnywhere & Limo Anywhere Mobile:
    • Address Line 1 becomes mandatory for LA PAY credit cards when ‘Street Address Check’ is enabled.

Looking Ahead

These updates are part of our ongoing commitment to enhancing security and customization for your payment processing needs. We appreciate your continued partnership and look forward to making further advancements.

Thank you for choosing Limo Anywhere!