Sep 22, 2020

Invoice Flow from Creation to Close

In Limo Anywhere, we have updated the flow of an invoice to ensure that we capture the correct amounts, payments, and reservations that are supposed to be included on the invoice.

  1. Direct Bill Invoice – In order for a reservation to be included on an invoice, the reservation Payment Method must be ‘Direct Bill/Invoice‘.
  2. Settle – Once you settle a reservation, it will appear on the ‘Create Invoices‘ tab.
  3. Create Invoice – select the reservation(s) you want to include on an invoice.
  4. Unfinalized – Once an invoice has been created it is Unfinalized. Unfinalized means that the invoice has not been set and may still need total adjustments or more trips added. This has not been sent/emailed to the customer.
  5. Finalized – Once an invoice has been set and is ready to be sent/emailed to the customer, then you would mark the invoice as Finalized. This means that no other changes on the invoice should be made because the customer has or will receive this invoice and make payment for the invoice and amount they receive.
  6.  Close РOnce you receive payment on an invoice for the full Total, it is at that point Paid and can be Closed.

Note:Closing an Invoice triggers Account Credit calculation. This means that if an invoice was overpaid, the overpayment balance will be added to the Billing Contacts Account Credits when you Close the Invoice.