Jul 16, 2019

Introducing the Self-Service Billing Portal

For your convenience, Limo Anywhere now offers a self-service billing portal to give you full access to manage your payment information, retrieve invoices, and make payments without having to call our Billing Department!

How do I request access?
You can request access to the portal by sending an email to billing@limoanywhere.com, please be sure to include your company name and company id.

What should I expect after I email?
Our Billing Department will process the requests as they come in so please allow a few days. Once your access is created, you will receive an email from our billing system with your login information. There will be a link which will allow you to create a password and finish the setup of the account. The link will expire in 24 hours, so please make sure to complete the setup quickly.

Is this for my clients?
No. This is your company account used to pay for your Limo Anywhere software subscription.

What can I do in the billing portal?

  • Update your credit card
  • Download or print copies of your recurring invoices
  • Search for past invoices or payments
  • Submit payments towards your invoices

How do I login to the billing portal?
First, you must request access as instructed above and complete the account signup. Once your account access has been established, you can go to the following link and use the credentials you created during the setup process:

Can I access the billing portal from within the Limo Anywhere application?
At this time, the billing portal is not accessible from within the Limo Anywhere application. You must access it using the link provided above.

I can’t remember the password, what do I do?
If you cannot remember the password you set, you can access the ‘Forgot Password’ link on the login page and go through the password reset process. Note: Limo Anywhere Support department is not able to see or reset your password. If you are not able to successfully reset your password, please email billing@limoanywhere.com from the email address you are using for the billing portal. Additionally, you must provide your company name and company id. Your account will be reset and you will need to complete the setup again as you did previously.