Sep 10, 2020

How-to Utilize the Zapier New Reservation Trigger

Trigger: New Reservation

Triggers when a new reservation has been created in Limo Anywhere.

Note: also works when a reservation is made in the online reservation system and consumer app.

Which data gets sent to Zapier?

Full reservation details including date/time, routing/flight details, child seats, pricing, and user info.

What can Zapier do with this data?

Create calendar items, logs, track spending in a CRM, send custom confirmations. Your creativity is your only limit.

How does it work?

1. Reservation is created in Limo Anywhere.
2. Reservation details are sent to Zapier.

What are some Zap examples?

  • Add new Limo Anywhere Reservation to Google Calendar to have those reservations on your calendar
  • Add new Limo Anywhere Reservation to Google Sheets to export new reservations to a Google Sheet
  • Add new Limo Anywhere Reservation to Zoho for reporting purposes

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