Jul 27, 2021

How-to Utilize the Zapier New Paid Bill Trigger

Trigger: New Paid Bill

Triggers when a new paid bill (Affiliate or Agent) has been created in Payables in Limo Anywhere.

Which data gets sent to Zapier?

Paid Bill details including Payee details, payment method, and payment details created in Limo Anywhere.

What can Zapier do with this data?

Track payments made to Affiliates and Agents, send Paid Bill info to Quickbooks Online or Xero, and/or send custom confirmations. Your creativitiy is your only limit.

How does it work?

1. An Affiliate or Agent Paid Bill is created in Limo Anywhere.
2. Paid Bill details are sent to Zapier

What are some Zap examples?

  • Add a new Limo Anywhere Paid Bill to Quickbooks Online to record agent or affiliate paid bill details
  • Add a newLimo Anywhere Paid Bill to Gmail to send custom emails out to your agent or affiliate
  • Add a new Limo Anywhere Paid Bill to Google Sheets to export paid bill

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