Oct 25, 2018

How-to Use Special Promotion Set Up And Promo Codes

Special Promotion Setup

Special Promotions allow a company to more effectively market their product to reduce prices for a limited period of time to stimulate demand, or to introduce new products or services.

Special Promotion Setup provides a method to add a rate or a discount tied to a specific Vehicle Type or Service Type, or geographic area (Zip Code) or Airport, and if applicable for a limited time period. When the code is entered into the reservation process either in the Online Reservation System (ORES), or the Reservation screen of Limo Anywhere the special Promotion Rate or Discount will apply to the rate for the reservation.

Creating A Special Promo Code

  1. Click on the ‘My Office‘ icon on the tool bar.
  2. Open the ‘Rate Management‘ tab.
  3. Select the ‘Special Promotion Setup‘ button. The Promo Code (highlighted blue) tab will be open by default.
  4. In the Stored Promo Code box any existing Promo Codes will be displayed.
  5. Promo Code:  This code will be entered in by the customer in your On Line Reservation system, or in the Rate Construction portion of the Reservation page to engage the Promo Rate associated with the promotion.  Each Promo Code must be unique.
  6. If the Promo Code is to be tied to a rate leave the check box ‘Is Discount‘ unchecked.  If the Promo code is to be tied to a dollar or percent discount click the check box for ‘Is Discount’.  See the section below Special Promotion Discounts for specific information on adding the discounts.
  7. Service Type Rule:  Select All Service Types or only the Service Types this promotion will apply to. In the example below this applies to charter type trips so the airport and other transfers have not been selected.
  8. Zip Code Rule: To apply the promotion only to specific Zip Codes enter them here separated by a comma.
  9. Vehicle Type Rule: Select All Vehicle Types or only the Vehicle Types this promotion will apply to. In the example below the promotion applies only to the Hummer and Party Bus so those Vehicle Types are selected.
  10. Airport Rule: If the promotion is to apply to trips to/from one or all of your active Airports select them here.
  11. Date Rule: Select Single Date or Date Range as appropriate for this promotion and click ‘Add‘ to save the dates entered.
  12. Promo Description: Enter the description of the promotion. At this time the promotion description does not publish outside of Limo Anywhere Core System.
  13. Click ‘Add Promo Code‘ to retain parameters entered.

The next step is to add the rate for the Promo Code that has been added…either Special Promotion Rate or Special Promotion Discount.

Special Promotion Rates

  1. Click on the ‘Promo Rates’ tab.
  2. Select the Promo Code in the Stored Promo Rates.
  3. Click ‘Edit‘.
  4. In the rate fields as illustrated below fill in the appropriate fields. In this example a $49.00 flat fare is entered, plus Gratuity and Taxes for a total of $64.07.
  5. Click ‘Add Rate‘ or ‘Update Rate’ to retain entry.

Percent Promo Discounts

  1. Click on the ‘Promo Rates‘ tab.
  2. Select the Promo Code in the Stored Promo Rates.
  3. Click ‘Edit‘.
  4. In the example below a 10% discount is entered anytime someone utilizes the FLLSPCL2011 Promo Code.  Because this is a Discount 2 rate group it is applied to the total of Base Rates.   See the Knowledge Base article Rate Groups and How They Function for more details.
  5. Click ‘Add Rates‘ or ‘Update’ to retain entry.

Currency Off Discount

Important Note:  As was mentioned in the section above where the Promo Code was created … If a Special Promotion Discount is to be utilized the Promo Code must be set up as a discount rate by checking the box as illustrated below.  This is for a currency value discount only…not a percentage.

  1. Click on the ‘Promo Discount‘ tab.
  2. Select the Promo Code in the Stored Promo Rates.
  3. Click ‘Edit‘.
  4. Enter the Discount currency amount Per Passenger or Per Hour.
  5. Click ‘Add Rates‘ rates to retain.

Promo Multi-Discounts by Hours or Passengers

This feature allows for multiple level currency (ie dollar) value discounts to be applied to a Special Promotion Code based on the hours (Trip Duration) or number of passengers. Before using this feature the Special Promotion Code
  1. Select the Promo Discount tab.
  2. Click the ‘Promo Code‘ in the Stored Promo Rates list, and click ‘Edit’.
    Note: Only rates selected for a Discount as described above will display in the Stored Promo Rates list on the Promo Discount tab.
  3. In the example below a multiple level discount is entered based on the number of passengers. If there are 6 to 8 passengers a discount of $3 per passenger; and if there are 9 to 12 passengers a discount of $5 per passenger will be applied as indicated in the Per Passenger Discount list. Click ‘Edit‘ or ‘Delete‘ to modify or eliminate the existing Per Passenger Discount.
  4. A new discount level of $10 per passenger is being added for 13 to 20 passengers. Click ‘Add‘ to save this discount level.
  5. Click ‘Add Rates“‘ to save any entries or changes.

Edit A Promo Code or Promo Rate

To edit a Promo Code open the Promo Codes tab, select the Promo Code and click ‘Edit‘. In the Update Promo Code box change any fields as appropriate. Click ‘Update Promo Code’ button to save any changes.
To edit a Promo Rate open the Promo Rates tab , select the Promo Code and click ‘Edit‘. In the Add Rates box change any fields as appropriate. Click ‘Add Rates’ button to save any changes.

Delete a Promo Code

A Promo Code can not be deleted unless it has never been used in a Reservation. If a Promo Code is ‘Deleted‘ and it is present in at least one reservation Limo Anywhere will make the Promo Code ‘Inactive‘. To take the ‘Delete‘ action select the Promo Code in the Promo Codes tab, and click the ‘Delete‘ button.

Reporting On Special Promotions

It is possible to evaluate the effectiveness of a Sales Promotion by creating a Sales Revenue Report.
  1. Click the ‘Reports‘ icon on the toolbar.
  2. In the Sales Revenue Report box select the appropriate dater range. In this example the Promotion runs for the month of June 2011 so the dates of 6/1/11 to 6/30/11 are selected.
  3. Select the Promo Code from the Drop Down menu. In this example the code AIRPORTSPCL is selected.
  4. Select the statuses that are appropriate for the company, in this case ‘Done‘.
  5. Select the Report Type, Sum Amounts by Grand Total and Output Format.
  6. Click ‘Generate Report‘. The report created will show every trip, and summarize the total revenue and total number of trips that utilized the Promo Code AIRPOPRTSPCL.