Oct 30, 2018

How-to Set Up Minimum Mileage Charge For Distance Based Pricing

Minimum Mileage for Distance-Based Pricing

  • What is this?
    • Allows the Limo Anywhere operator to set a minimum price for each Vehicle Type for the first mile which would not be prorated in the customer was going less than one mile.
  • How to use this?
    • Set up your Distance Based Pricing with the cost of the first mile being the minimum you would charge for that Vehicle Type
    • Determine how many miles/km you would transport a customer for that price.
    • Enter the distance you would travel minus 1 at $0.00 per mile or km
    • Determine the amount you want for each additional mile/km for this Vehicle Type
    • Enter that value in the all additional miles
    • Here is an illustration of how that will appear in Limo Anywhere.
    • For complete Instructions on how to set up Distance Based Pricing click here.
  • Why is this important?
    • Previous to this enhancement if a customer booked a trip less than 1 mile/km they would be charged a prorated portion of that rate so no minimum per Vehicle type could be established.
    • Distance Based Pricing should be set up for all Vehicle Types that are going to be in the ORES where a point to point rate would be displayed. That way even if someone requests a ride outside of what is set up with Fixed Rates a price will be displayed. If someone visits your site, and a price is not displayed they may go to another operator….and you will never know.
    • Using Distance Based Rate Matrixes a different minimum can be set up for other cities outside of your service area. For example you could have a Chicago Rate, a Los Angeles Rate, and a New York City rate that are all different even if you operate in Dallas. You can display accurate pricing for your clients in any city they travel to.