Jan 30, 2023

How-to process payments using a Virtual Credit Card

Virtual Credit Cards are becoming widely used with each day. They are securely generated, electronic versions of the physical card designed for online use only. In order to process a Virtual Credit Card, it has to be charged for the EXACT amount it was created for. This usually doesn’t create issues when charging individual trips as they can be charged through regular means, however, can cause declines when applying payments on several Invoices at once.

In order to apply the Virtual Credit Card over several invoices at once, please see the following steps:

  • Go the Accounts section of Limo Anywhere
  • Search and Edit the Billing Contact upon which the invoices are created
  • Click on the Financial Data tab
  • Click on the Available Account Credits 

  • Select a Credit Card Payment Method
  • Enter in the Credit Card info via Start New Transaction/Pay With > Add New Card
  • Select Authorize & Capture
  • Add Notes (if applicable)
  • Click Submit

  • After, go to the Receivables
  • Click on the Receive Payments tab
  • Locate the desired Billing Contact name and click APPLY PAYMENT(S) TO THIS ACCOUNT

  • Click Apply to Invoice to make the total equal to the set amount that was provided by the customer
  • Click Submit

  • Choose the Payment Method > Credits (at the bottom of the list)
  • Submit


By following these steps you will be able to process the Virtual Credit Card directly through your existing Gateway and avoid any potential declines by applying Credits option to the Invoices in question.