Oct 26, 2018

How-to Pay Agents

Paying your Agents in a timely and accurate manner keeps those relationships in good standing and productive. Limo Anywhere can assist you in better managing your business by automating many tasks including Paying Agents.

In Limo Anywhere an Agent is anyone that is paid a dollar amount (either a flat fee or percentage commission) for generating that sale for the company. Agents can be an employee of the company, or a non employee or outside agent.

For complete information on managing agents in Limo Anywhere see related articles Establishing and Managing Agents in Limo Anywhere.

First be sure the agent is entered into the reservation as illustrated below (highlighted orange).

The next step is to Settle the reservation. Reservations must be settled to utilize any of the Payables functions. For complete details on settling trips see the article How to Settle a Reservation.

  1. Open the Settle window for the trip.
  2. Click the Affiliate/Agent Pay button (highlighted orange).
  3. Select the Agent tab (highlighted green).
  4. Make any necessary changes.
  5. Click Update to save changes; or click Settle to save changes and settle the trip (highlighted blue).
  6. Next step is to click on the Payables icon on the Limo Anywhere toolbar and Select the Pay Agents tab.
  7. Select the agent to be paid and click Pay Agent (highlighted orange).
  8. The screen will appear to pay this agent.
  9. Select the payment method (highlighted orange).
  10. Click the check box next to each trip you wish to pay the agent for (highlighted green).
  11. Click Save Payment to retain the selections (highlighted blue).

The paid affiliate and agent bills will appear in the All Paid Bills tab of the Payables function.