Nov 06, 2018

How-to Create a Privacy Policy

Creating a Privacy Policy

The Privacy function in Limo Anywhere allows you to display a Privacy Policy to your customers to assure them the data is safe. Some gateway providers, and some of your corporate customers may require a privacy policy to be displayed on your website.

To create a Privacy Policy:

  1. Go to ‘My Office‘.
  2. Select the ‘Company Settings‘ tab.
  3. Click on ‘Policies‘.
  4. Select the ‘Privacy Policy‘ tab.
  5. Enter the Policy text.
  6. Click ‘Update‘ Policy Content to save.


Note: the Privacy Policy is limited to 20,000 characters. If copying and pasting, please DO NOT use Microsoft Word. This can cause issues.

NOTE:  If you require assistance writing a privacy policy there are many sources on line. We found one called Free Privacy Limo Anywhere makes no warranties stated or implied by this referral.