Oct 30, 2018

How-to Change the Time Zone in Your LimoAnywhere System

How do I change my time zone and check my system time?

Note: Time in Limo Anywhere is based off of Central Standard Time (CST).

A couple of times a year, due to Daylight Savings, you may need to adjust your Time Zone and check to make sure the time is correct in your system.

You can change your Time Zone under

  1. My Office
  2. Company Preferences
  3. General

The list of Time Zones listed in this drop down menu actually are stored in your specific system under

  1. My Office
  2. List Management
  3. Time Zones

If you do not see your Time Zone listed, then you can add your Time Zone by clicking Add New Time Zone. Remember that in Limo Anywhere, Time Zones are based on Central Standard Time, so if you are adding/editing a Time Offset, know that Central Standard Time is 0.

Once you select your Time Zone under Company Preferences General settings hit ‘Update‘. The easiest way to check if the time is correct is by starting a New Reservation by clicking the green ‘New Res‘ button. You can check the time stamp of that reservation and see if it matches the correct time.
IMPORTANT NOTE: If you change the Time Offset of a Time Zone, you will need to switch the Time Zone selection under Company Preferences to another Time Zone and Update and then switch back to the Time Zone you want to select.