Mar 23, 2022

How-to Add Square as a Payment Gateway

Adding Square as a payment gateway is a little different process then our other integrated gateways. You will have to connect directly with Square.

Important Information: If you do not have our Alias module and you already have an existing  payment gateway, then you will need to delete that existing payment gateway and add Square as new gateway to correctly connect Limo Anywhere to Square.

If you need to add multiple gateways, then please contact our support team at 1-972-701-8887 or

In order to Add Square as your payment gateway:

  1. Go to ‘My Office’
  2. Go to ‘Add-on Modules’
  3. Click ‘Add Gateway’
  4. Type in a “Gateway Name” (any name will suffice)
  5. Make sure Square is selected on “Type of Payment Gateway:”
  6. Click the button “Connect with Square”
  7. You will be redirected to Square and you can enter in your Square credentials
  8. Once entered, then you will be redirected to LA and Square is now connected