May 06, 2020

How-the Offered States and Status Works

The New ‘Offered’ Status, ‘Offered to Driver’ State, ‘Offered to Affiliate’ and What it Means

With the recent updates to LA Net a new status of ‘Offered’ was added to Limo Anywhere. This article explains the ‘Offered’ status.

Why we did this?

With the new LA net as well as expanding integrations in the future with third party booking engines sending trips to Limo Anywhere operators we need a way to standardize reservations sent to Limo Anywhere operators. We have historically allowed Limo Anywhere operators to name and use a status anyway they would like, however as we move forward a certain level of standardization is required.

How ‘Offered’ Works?

For Farm Out jobs the status of the trip will be automatically set to “Offered to Affiliate” for the Farm-out affiliate at the point it is e-farmed to another Limo Anywhere affiliate via LA net.. If accepted by the Farm-in Affiliate the status of the trip will automatically revert to whatever status is mapped to the “Affiliate Is Assigned” state…in most cases “Assigned” or “Farm-out Assigned”.

For In-House and Farm-in jobs, setting the status on a reservation to the ‘Offered to Driver’ state will trigger the job to be sent to DriverAnywhere for them to ‘Accept’ or ‘Reject’

For more information on status mapping see State and Status Mapping Workflow here.

FAQs About the ‘Offered’ States?

Q: We do not use Driver Anywhere so how does “Offered to Driver” affect us?
A: It will not affect you in regards to your workflow if you choose to not use it and you will be able to operate as normal.

Q: We use Driver Anywhere and we want our Drivers to see the trips as we assign a driver to the trip, how does “Offered to Driver” affect us?
A: Once you assign a driver to an In-House or Farm-In trip you would need to set the status to what is mapped to “Offered to Driver”. When the driver accepts the trip the status moves to the status that is mapped to the “Assigned to Driver” state…in most cases “Assigned”. This is actually beneficial to you because you now know which trips the driver has been assigned to but not accepted yet, so if you get to a certain point in time and the status is still “Offered to Driver” state, you will know the driver has not accepted the trip yet, and you can contact the driver, or reassign the trip to another driver.

If you have additional questions please either email; or call our Support Team at 972-701-8887 option 2, and option 2 between the hours of 8A and 7P central time Monday through Friday so that we might assist you.