Dec 21, 2023

December 21, 2023 Release Notes

We’re excited to announce new updates in Limo Anywhere, featuring significant improvements to our Progressive Web App (PWA) and payment processing systems, along with other key enhancements and bug fixes. These updates are part of our ongoing commitment to refining our software for optimal user experience and operational efficiency.


  1. Passenger Name Entry Enhancement (PWA): We’ve improved the passenger name entry process. Now, names are entered in two separate fields (first and last name) to enhance accuracy.

  2. Direct Bill Payment Option (PWA): Accounts with direct bill set as their preferred payment method can now easily select this option during transactions.

  3. Simplified Reservation Review (PWA): After completing a reservation, users can now return to the “Book My Ride” page by simply pressing the back button.

  4. Driver Photo Interface Improvement (PWA): Enhanced the driver photo display, ensuring a smoother experience when a driver’s photo is unavailable.

  5. Credit Card Validation Upgrade (PWA): We’ve improved our credit card validation process, increasing the accuracy in detecting valid card numbers.

  6. Streamlined State Selection (PWA): For credit card billing addresses outside the United States, state selection is now a mandatory step to ensure accuracy.

  7. LA Pay Interface Updates: We’ve updated several column titles in the LA Pay Credit Card Transaction Summary, making them more clear and user-friendly.

  8. Flight Tracking Expansion: We now support flight tracking for Corendon Dutch Airlines.

Bug Fixes:

  1. International Phone Number Issue (PWA): Resolved a glitch where some reservations booked with international phone numbers were missing the phone number once imported into Limo Anywhere.

  2. Payment Detail Entry Fix (PWA): Fixed an issue that was preventing some users from entering their payment details correctly.

Thank you for using our software to streamline your transportation management needs. We’re dedicated to providing you with the best tools to enhance efficiency and improve your overall experience.