Apr 04, 2024

April 4th, 2024 Release Notes

This update brings targeted improvements to Limo Anywhere, addressing specific feedback from our community. The adjustments enhance both functionality and user experience.

Display of Japanese Characters in Notes

Issue: Users encountered an issue where Japanese letters and symbols were not displayed correctly in notes across reservations, appearing instead as “????” in Trip, Dispatch, Bill To, and Pax Notes sections.

Resolution: We have fixed this issue, ensuring that Japanese characters are now correctly displayed as entered in all notes on reservations. This update enhances our platform’s capability to support international languages, improving usability for our global user base.

LA PAY Reports Data Display

Issue: There was a problem with “LA PAY Credit Card Transaction Reconciliation Report” and “Credit Card Transaction Summary” reports not displaying data.

Resolution: This issue has been resolved. Both reports will now accurately display payment data, ensuring that users have access to complete and correct information for their financial reconciliations and summaries.

Thank you for your continued support of Limo Anywhere. Your feedback helps us make continuous improvements to our service.