Jun 13, 2024

Ad conversion setup for Google Ads with Lead Quote Close


For the Google Ads tracking to function properly, you need to make sure your Inner and Outer selectors in your Lead Form Config are setup properly.

Ad Conversion

  1. In the conversion section of Google Ads, click the + New conversion action button.
  2. You’ll now see options for the different kinds of conversion sources you can track. Click Import.
  3. Select Manual import using API or uploads
  4. Select Track conversions from clicks
  5. Click Continue
  6. Select Converted Lead from the Goal and action optimization dropdown.
  7. Enter a name for the conversion action you’re creating (it’s important that you remember the exact name and spelling because you’ll need to enter this name later, when you setup your offline conversion information in AddOns).
  8. Set conversion option for currency
  9. We want to count Every conversion.
  10. Make sure your Click-through conversion is set to 30 days
  11. Click Create and continue
  12. If you are prompted about turning on Enhanced Conversions, you can leave this unchecked.

AddOns.LA LQC Setup

  1. Under Lead Quote Close > Marketing
  2. Select the Analytics tab.
  3. Set your Google Conversion Name that you set in Step 7 above.
  4. Google Offline Conversions Days Back set to 90 for the first few days, then change to 7. This will allow you to back sync up to 3 months worth of clicks to Google.
  5. Click Save
  6. Copy your Google Offline Conversion Tracking Endpoint

Go Back to Google Ads after copying the url

  1. Find the Uploads section. This can vary based on your Google Ads setup.
  2. Once in Uploads click Schedules
  3. Select type HTTPS from the dropdown options.
  4. Paste your AddOns URL, select Every 24 hours for Frequency, and then select 4:00 AM and then click Save.

Setup Complete!

Google will now fetch your conversions every 24 hours from your AddOns account.
If you have any trouble, please reach out to us or contact support@limoanywhere.com