Jan 12, 2023

Release Notes: January 12th, 2023

This week we have added several improvements and bug fixes to our Passenger Web App (PWA) to help improve your clients experience. Also, based on customer feedback, we have added a searchable Airport list for the Affiliate’s Profile screen to better help you find and select Airports to use in a search for Affiliates.

Every week we are working on releasing improvements and bug fixes across Limo Anywhere and our products to help your business succeed. Please see below for further information on our release this week, and stay tuned each week to see what else we are bringing to help you and your business.


  • Updated the ‘Airport(s) Serviced’ search on the Affiliates screen under Company Resources

We have updated the ‘Airport(s) Serviced’ search field on the Affiliates screen under Company Resources to have search functionality within the list so you can easily find and select the Airport(s) you need.


  • Updated the Credit Card selection list and Payments screen for an Account on PWA to include more Credit Card information

We have updated the Credit Card selection list and Payment Screen to display more information to help assist your clients, who may have a large number of credit cards on file, find and select a Credit Card. This added information may include Card Type, Card Number, Cardholder Name, and Expiration Date.


  • Updated the Driver Portrait on PWA Tracking screen to display clearer in the correct size

Previously the Driver Portrait on the PWA was more rectangular and the image looked “squeezed”.

We have updated this so the Driver Portrait displays more square and is clearer to see.

  • Updated the wording on the “Book This Trip” button to “Update Trip” if user is editing an existing Reservations

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue where the icons for “Special Notifications/Flags” on the Dispatch Grid column were not displaying
  • Resolved an issue where duplicate Credit Cards were able to be added via ORES’s Payment Methods tab for an account
  • Resolved an issue with Session Expiration on PWA
  • Resolved an issue where the back arrow on the ‘Payments’ screen of PWA opened the menu instead of going to the Home page